Maruti Suzuki has taken the covers off the XL6, an Ertiga-based six-seater MPV. Priced from Rs 9.80 lakh, the XL6 is being positioned as a more premium alternative to the Ertiga and is being retailed via the brand’s Nexa chain of dealerships. In our market, the XL6 competes with MPVs like Mahindra’s Marazzo, Renault’s Lodgy and Honda’s BR-V. We’ve even included the model that the XL6 is based on, the Ertiga, in this comparison. So, how does it compare to these other people movers? Read on to find out.

Size-wise, all competitors measure around the 4.5m mark. The XL6 is only marginally larger than the Ertiga, on which it is based. The XL6 is longer, wider and taller than the Ertiga, but they have the same wheelbase and ground clearance. The Mahindra Marazzo has the largest footprint, being the longest, widest and tallest in this comparison. However, it has the smallest ground clearance. Renault’s Lodgy trumps the competition on the wheelbase front while the BR-V boasts of the largest ground clearance here.

As it has the largest wheelbase, the Lodgy also has the largest turning radius of the lot. Owing to their relatively compact footprint, the Maruti MPVs have the smallest turning radius. In terms of boot space with all three rows up, it’s the BR-V that comes out on top while the Marazzo is at the bottom of the pile. However, with two rows down, it’s the Lodgy that has the largest boot by a huge margin while the XL6 has the smallest thanks to the two individual captain chairs in the second row. As for their weight, it comes as no surprise that the two Marutis are the lightest, given their dimensions. The Marazzo is the heaviest, by far, and also has the largest tyres in this comparison. The XL6 and Ertiga share the same 185/65 R15 tyres – the smallest of the lot.

Maruti Suzuki XL6 vs rivals: Dimensions
XL6 Ertiga Marazzo Lodgy BR-V
Length 4445mm 4395mm 4585mm 4522mm 4453mm
Width 1775mm 1735mm 1866mm 1767mm 1735mm
Height 1700mm 1690mm 1774mm 1709mm 1666mm
Wheelbase 2740mm 2740mm 2760mm 2810mm 2660mm
Ground Clearance 180mm 180mm 150mm 174mm 210mm
Turning radius 5.2m 5.2m 5.25m 5.55m 5.3m
Boot space 209-692 litres 209-803 litres 190-1055 litres 207-1861 litres 223-691 litres*
Tyre Size 185/65 R15 185/65 R15 215/60 R17 195/55 R16 195/60 R16
Kerb Weight 1180-1190kg 1135-1235kg 1650kg 1299-1368kg 1199-1306kg
*BR-V boot space is with the second row up.

Engines and gearboxes
Moving to the engines, it’s only the XL6, Ertiga and BR-V that come with petrol options. The XL6 and Ertiga share the same BS6-compliant 1.5-litre unit that made its debut in the Ciaz sedan. The engine puts out 105hp and 138Nm of torque. The Honda, meanwhile, also features a 1.5-litre unit but it puts out more power (119hp) and torque (145Nm) than its Maruti rivals.

Transmission options for the Maruti MPVs include a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed torque converter automatic. The Honda one-ups them by offering a 6-speed manual, with a CVT automatic also being a part of the line-up.

As for fuel efficiency, the BR-V returns 15.4kpl and 16kpl for the manual and automatic transmissions, respectively. The XL6 and Ertiga return identical fuel-efficiency figures of 19.01kpl and 17.99kpl for their manual and automatic variants, respectively. The Maruti cars' mileage is aided by the mild-hybrid (SHVS) technology featured in both models.

Maruti Suzuki XL6 vs rivals: Petrol powertrains
XL6 Ertiga Marazzo Lodgy BR-V
Displacement 1462cc 1462cc - - 1497cc
Engine type 4 cyls, naturally aspirated 4 cyls, naturally aspirated - - 4 cyls, naturally aspirated
Power 105hp at 6000rpm 105hp at 6000rpm - - 119hp at 6600rpm
Torque 138Nm at 4400rpm 138Nm at 4400rpm - - 145Nm at 4600rpm
Gearbox 5-speed MT/4-speed torque converter 5-speed MT/4-speed torque converter - - 6-speed MT/CVT
Fuel efficiency 19.01/17.99kpl 19.01/17.99kpl - - 15.4/16kpl
As Maruti Suzuki has decided against production of diesel models post the BS6 deadline, the XL6 is the only MPV in this comparison that does not come with an oil burner under the hood. However, up until the April 2020 deadline, Maruti Suzuki will continue to offer the Ertiga with its 1.5-litre diesel unit that produces the least power here, 95hp, and 225Nm of torque. The Marazzo’s 1.5-litre turbo-diesel engine is clearly the most powerful in this comparison, with 121hp and 300Nm of torque on tap. The Renault Lodgy isn’t too far behind the Marazzo, with its 1.5-litre diesel engine putting out 110hp and 245Nm peak torque. The BR-V diesel puts out the least amount of torque (200Nm) but it’s more powerful than the Ertiga diesel, with a 100hp output. All MPVs come with a 6-speed manual gearbox – only, without an automatic option.

The Ertiga compensates for its low power and torque figures by returning the highest fuel-efficiency figure of 24.2kpl. The BR-V and Lodgy are not too far behind, with their fuel efficiency rated at 21.9kpl and 19.98kpl. The Marazzo, being the most powerful, is the least fuel efficient of the lot with a fuel economy of 17.3kpl.

Maruti Suzuki XL6 vs rivals: Diesel powertrains
XL6 Ertiga Marazzo Lodgy BR-V
Displacement - 1498cc 1497cc 1461cc 1498cc
Engine type - 4 cyls, turbocharged 4 cyls, turbocharged 4 cyls, turbocharged 4 cyls, turbocharged
Power - 95hp at 4000rpm 121hp at 3600rpm 110hp at 4000rpm 100hp at 3600rpm
Torque - 225Nm at 1500-2500rpm 300Nm at 1750-2500rpm 245Nm at 1750rpm 200Nm at 1750rpm
Gearbox - 6-speed MT 6-speed MT 6-speed MT 6-speed MT
Fuel efficiency - 24.2kpl 17.3kpl 19.98kpl 21.9kpl
In terms of pricing, the XL6 ranges from Rs 9.80 to 11.46 lakh, which marks an approximate premium of Rs 70,000 over the standard Ertiga (when comparing the higher-spec variants of the Ertiga to their equivalent XL6 variants). While base prices of the XL6 are a bit higher than the only other petrol-powered model here, the Honda BR-V, the top-spec versions of the Maruti (particularly the automatic) undercut the Honda by a good margin. As for the diesels, it’s the Ertiga that is the most affordable at the top-end. The Marazzo, being the largest and the most powerful, is the most expensive MPV offering here. Renault’s Lodgy sits in the middle of pile as it’s more expensive than the Ertiga but more affordable than the BR-V and the Marazzo.

With the XL6, it seems like Maruti Suzuki has chosen the middle-ground in terms of prices and features though whether it is a viable alternative to the competition will only be determined by a proper road test and a comparison. Till then, stay tuned and watch this space.

Maruti Suzuki XL6 vs rivals: Prices
XL6 Ertiga Marazzo Lodgy BR-V
Petrol Rs 9.80-11.46 lakh Rs 7.55-10.06 lakh - - Rs 9.53-12.86 lakh
Diesel - Rs 9.87-11.21 lakh Rs 10.35-14.77 lakh Rs 8.63-12.11 lakh Rs 11.88-13.83 lakh
*Mahindra Marazzo prices are ex-showroom, pan-India

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